Phyllis the Spirit of Truth

For aeons you have divorced yourselves from me and lived a great falsehood. You have given your power away and chose to live in lack in a Universe exuding with abundance.

You divorced yourselves from your Source and felt alone. Yet I Phyllis, The Spirit of Truth have prepared the way for you to live in the New Earth of Peace and abundance under my eternal wings.

‘When we Love ourselves sufficiently that we let go of all that we have and all that we are,  for all…then…we become GREAT.’

              ‘Cast thy bread upon the waters and thou shalt find it after many days.’

  Phyllis The Golden Dove from the Heart of God.

‘Understand that it was I, Phyllis the Spirit of Truth who came as The Great Prophetess the Preparer of the Way for the Light, who alone can lead you into the New Earth, for it is I who wrote the blueprint thereof preparing the way for you.

Know that with God nothing is impossible and you too can be healed of all gross miscreations that you have endured and suffered during your time of estrangment from Source and abandonment from your Inner-child.’ Phyllis the Spirit of Truth.
Phyllis came as The Deliverer, The Great Prophetess the Preparer of the Way for the Light. She was a great spiritual Warrior in her last and many previous lifetimes upon the Earth…A Vessel of Light Piercing the Darkness. Yet what One would witness the most concerning her and loved dearly was that she was a little child.

The Great Warrior of Light was truly a little child! I could see that but could not explain it back then. One did not even know about the “inner-child.” Yet often gazing upon her One would say within one’s heart, She’s just a child – she’s just a child. God had a little child on the planet standing amidst great warfare doing great and mighty things because she was, just a child! When all seemed lost for the planet the Faith and Love of a Child would raise up within her heart and say, Love will find a way. She knew that Love and Light could not fail. For she knew the Light. She was of the Light. It is written in ancient scriptures referring to these times ‘a little child shall lead them’ and so it was as  Phyllis the Great Prophetess Prepared the Way for the Light.

Connect with this child – this Eternal Child -the Spirit of Truth in your hearts.