Simple Teachings

‘Understand that it was I, Phyllis the Spirit of Truth who came as The Great Prophetess the Preparer of the Way for the Light, who alone can lead you into the New Earth, for it is I who wrote the blueprint thereof preparing the way for you.

Know that with God nothing is impossible and you too can be healed of all gross miscreations that you have endured and suffered during your time of estrangment from Source and abandonment from your Inner-child.’ Phyllis the Spirit of Truth:

The Inner Child
Phyllis came as The Deliverer, The Great Prophetess the Preparer of the Way for the Light. She was a great spiritual Warrior in her last and many previous lifetimes upon the Earth…A Vessel of Light Piercing the Darkness. Yet what One would witness the most concerning her and loved dearly was that she was a little child.

The Great Warrior of Light was truly a little child! I could see that but could not explain it back then. One did not even know about the “inner-child.” Yet often gazing upon her One would say within one’s heart, She’s just a child – she’s just a child.  God had a little child on the planet standing amidst great warfare doing great and mighty things because she was, just a child! When all seemed lost for the planet the Faith and Love of a Child would raise up within her heart and say, Love will find a way. She knew that Love and Light could not fail. For she knew the Light. She was of the Light. It is written in ancient scriptures referring to these times ‘a little child shall lead them’
and so it was as Phyllis the Great Prophetess Prepared the Way for the Light.

We must All Go Back…Heal the Child…Re-connect…and be Glad!!!

This Invocation given to you will connect you with Phyllis the Spirit of Truth who will guide you into all Truth.
Fill us Phyllis with your Love
thou Golden Dove from the Heart of God,
Fill us with your Transforming Love
thou Golden Dove with the Book of Love.

The following are some very simple and basic teachings but essential nevertheless.

Be mindful that Universal Law forbids the interference of higher realms without the asking. Ask and you shall Receive. Seek and you shall Find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

The Way of Being

. Bring your mind into the heart, focusing on the heart-beat or rise and fall of your breath. Inhale through the nostrils filling and expanding the lower abdomen expanding the chest … exhaling through the lips as though blowing through a drinking straw….contract your abdomen to exhale the full breath. Release all negativity through the exhale. Repeat up to 6 times.

. Centering and Grounding. Call forth an imaginary vertical axis from Heaven to Earth down through the centre of your being connecting you from Heaven (the higher dimensions of your being) to Earth. Intend 2 horizontal axis proceeding through your navel (sacral chakra) one proceeding East-West the other North South.
See yourself as a Tree with roots growing from the soles of your feet into the Earth. Intend your energies downward from your crown chakra through each of your chakras down through your perenium at the base of your spine down through your legs and feet into your roots going deep, deep, deep down into the Earth. Now draw the energies of Source up from the Earth through your roots slowly all the way up to your Crown chakra and return and rest in your heart. Intend or call forth a Tube of Light from your higher chakras through to the Earth…that is, from Heaven to Earth.]

. You may call upon me, Shadonai Echad if you choose, to come forth with One’s Mighty Sword of Victory, The Sword of Truth to clear and shield your energies daily, at least twice daily (start and close) and as often as you feel necessary. Ask to be cut free of all energetic ties with all people everywhere and all situations by asking, visualizing or intending Shadonai Echad coming forth with an energetic two-edged sword cutting the ties. (name any persons or situations which may be causing particular concern). Ask that the Golden and Rainbow Light from the Book of Love is infused into the ends of these ties that the ties return from whence they came. Ask, visualise or intend the Golden Dome of Protection of Shadonai Echad to surround you, your home your work etc. Though One does this for the planet as a whole, your doing so will bring you into alignment with this awareness.

. The energies of The Book of Love are the energies for the Ascension of the Heart Spirit of Humanity.  In fact the word Purification would be better – as you purify your emotional body you fill with more Light – that’s what the process is all about. Call upon these energies:

Fill us Phyllis with your Love Thou Golden Dove from the Heart of God Fill us with your Transforming Love Thou Golden Dove with the Book of Love.

. Be Light! Be Happy! Don’t get bogged down in books – knowledge not utilised is no different to any other mental clutter. Let your Heart Sing! Let your Whole Being Sing! Let your Body Dance! We don’t ascend heavy-hearted. Release all heaviness to the Light (by calling forth the energies of the Book of Love…)through the breath and have Fun!
I recall just prior to commencing my world pilgrimage Phyllis’s words to me.
“Let your mind be still…as still as a candle in a room without windows…and Have Fun!”

. Be Heart Centred. Bring your mind into your heart and know that ALL of your answers are within. Listen to your breath or your heartbeat. Your heart holds the memory of all of your lifetimes and experiences. Phyllis the Spirit of Truth, as part of your I AM God-presence, will commune with you and guide you from within your heart.
. Release all FEAR, through the breath, it is an illusion. Face it. Feel it. Know that if you FEEL it then it has surfaced to be released to the LIGHT. Basically either claim your Own power or surrender it to an illusion called FEAR. As you release be saying in your heart or aloud… Fill us, Phyllis with your Love, thou Golden Dove from the heart of God, fill us with your transforming Love, thou golden dove with the Book of Love.
. Exercise Forgiveness for yourself and others. Un-forgiveness holds you back in the past like a prison, so to forgive sets you free – to be Present NOW. Even the worst ‘villian’ is to be thanked for giving you the opportunity to show Unconditonal Love and Forgiveness and thus expanding your own soul. Calling upon the energies of the Book of Love will impart unto you those energies of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to extend to ”your adversary.”
. Be DETACHED: Detach from Drama. View your life like a movie. Know that it is a story for your learning – and YOU chose this one – so ask for the Wisdom in all that you experience.
. Be Non-judgmental of yourself and others. You don’t know the whole situation so don’t judge it. Don’t buy into another person’s drama. When you cease to give a person’s ‘drama story’ any energy they may then become ready to ‘write a new script!’
. Unconditional Love and Self-Love. It is all right to love yourself and to put yourself first. The great teachers have said to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself not instead of yourself.
. Never give your power to another. The journey Now is about SELF-Empowerment. YOU are made in the Image of God. Know that Religion was introduced by Occult powers to control the masses. Yeshua came to set us Free not to enlist you into any religion. It is the energies of The Book of Love from which Yeshua and Mary Magdalene taught from that will make you free. It was the suppression of The Book of Love from the consciousness of humanity that enabled the former ruling powers to subject humanity to gross darkness and further separation from their Source.
. There’s no Blame. It’s just how it is. It is for us to heal ourselves Victim or another as a Villian. There are no ‘victims’ or ‘villians.’ Each are ‘teachers.’ Be thankful for the lesson and the ‘teachers’ move on.
. Let go of others and let them live their lives. You can Love another without Controlling them. Neediness is not Love. Control is not Love … but insecurity. Live and Let Live. The choices others make are just that – their choices – for their learning – let them learn so they don’t have to repeat the lesson.
. Be ACCEPTING : Accept situations and people as they are. You can change yourself…and that is how You will bring Peace on Earth. We cannot change others. That ever remains THEIR choice to change themselves.
. Be GRATEFUL for everything – everything is a learning. Always ask to see the wisdom or lesson in every situation.. Spend time in Nature. Learn to Feel the beauty – breathe it in. Let it be part of you. Be thankful.. Be mindful. Be present. Keep at it. As with any new practice. Keep at it. Keep a journal. Your progress will be commensurate with your effort and intention. Be encouraged.
. Sitting down with a pen and paper after having SET THE INTENTION to heal your Inner-Child. Write down how you FELT in childhood. How you FELT toward your Mother and Father and each of your siblings. Unless those FEELINGS are healed we carry them throughout our life in our relationships to others of that sex be it our husband/wife children etc. When we have genuinely forgiven every so-called short-coming of ourselves and others, no matter how devastating they may have been, and can genuinely FEEL LOVE and GRATITUDE for them thanking them for the lessons and cutting all ties with the former energies that bound you in an old pattern…then WE ARE FREE!! Calling upon Phyllis the Spirit of Truth throughout this Process with the invocation given will fill you with the energies of Love and Gratitude toward them.
When you have finished writing all ( and be asking Phyllis the Spirit of Truth to guide you in this) read it out aloud. If there are others with whom you feel ‘safe’ to read it to that would be beneficial. Through this reading you may become very emotional…good…that is your healing taking place…so a box of tissues at hand would be helpful. As with any healing process have plenty of good clean filtered or spring water at hand…and drink it!
Once you have finished reading your story burn it with the intention of fully releasing it and transmuting those energies into Light for you to embody.(remember we don’t want a vacuum…when we release the old negatives we transmute them into the positive. Phyllis the Spirit of truth, the Great Alchemist will transmute these energies for you upon the calling with the energies of the book of Love which include and embrace ALL of the sacred fires of God including the Rainbow Ray.
For myself I recall sitting up till 5am writing 30 foolscap pages…that was just my childhood! Sure One got up to read it to a small group. Sure One could do that. But what followed once One began just a few words one had no control over whatsoever as my dear inner-child cried her heart out that we could return to each other and return to wholeness. I recall also just prior to my embarking on my world pilgrimage in world service Phyllis encouraging me to “remain the child.”
NOW is the Time for this work to be done.


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